Popular Links Market Rides

This page gives detailed information on the most popular rides which have appeared at The Links Market over the years. For further details on what rides are appearing currently, visit the Photo and Videos pages on the site.

Carousels / Roundabouts

Probably appeared around the 18th and 19th century. They had crudely made horses and were hand driven. Often children who couldn’t afford the fare would push the rides – their reward would be a free ride if they were lucky! The first recorded account of a steam powered roundabout dates from New Year’s day 1861, when it appeared at the Pot Market in Bolton.


The dodgems, or bumper cars first appeared in Britain in 1928, having been successful abroad for a number of years.

The Twist

Another American ride from the 1950’s which is still popular today. It first appeared in the UK during the late 1950’s at the Butlin’s holiday camps. The name is derived from the popular dance craze of the time, however several modern machines have adopted the name ‘Twister’, perhaps in line with the popular movie of the same name.

Dive Bombers

The dive bombers were imported from America around the time of World War II, and were a firm favourite at the Links Market up until the early 1990’s, where they dominated the skyline at Kirkcaldy’s esplanade.


Now considered a children’s ride, the Jets were the first ride to have user control – a joystick controls the up and down movement of the jet as it circles round. They were developed in the UK and first appeared in 1952. They were modeled on the space-age imagery of the science fiction movies of the time.


Imported to the UK from Europe in 1958, the meteorite remained a novelty ride for many years until a sudden burst of popularity in the 1970’s. Many people will know this ride as the ‘biscuit-tins’.


Also known as the Mexican Hat, this ride originated in America, and became popular in Germany, where it was known as the Trabant, before coming to the UK.


A gentler ride than most, the Paratrooper comes in two different varieties. One is like a big wheel, which has been tipped at a slight angle, and the other features revolving arms and cabins that tip outwards as they rotate. The paratrooper debuted in the UK in 1960 and was popular for about 20 years. There is usually at least one paratrooper ride to be seen at the Links Market every year.

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